Greg Kelley’s mother, supporters ask City Council to hold Cedar Park police accountable for ‘negligent’ investigation

On Thursday, Cedar Park City Council listened to concerns about the police department’s policies and procedures regarding the investigation of Greg Kelley. 

The Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Kelley’s aggravated sexual assault of a child conviction last week. 

After serving three years of his 25-year sentence, Kelley was granted a Writ of Habeas Corpus hearing where his attorney and the Texas Rangers presented new evidence. That evidence included two additional possible suspects who had not been previously investigated for the crimes. 

The trial court sent the case to the Court of Criminal Appeals with a claim that the initial investigation was negligent. 

Kelley was released on bond in 2017 pending the CCA’s ruling. The CCA delivered their opinion last week, calling Kelley an innocent man and Cedar Park police’s investigation “bare bones.”

Chief Sean Mannix responded to the CCA’s decision with a statement that reads in part, “...I have heard the criticisms surrounding this case and taken actions to address them...”

City Council held a meeting Thursday to learn more about any policy concerns following Kelley’s case. Speakers urged Council to hold the police department accountable for their “poor investigation" and asking them to fire both Mannix and the lead investigator in Kelley’s case. 

Kelley was in attendance at Thursday’s meeting but he did not address Council himself. However, his mother chose to speak at the last minute and was very emotional as she did.

Following the meeting, Kelley spoke to Fox 7 Austin saying: 

Council did not take any action on the requests made at the meeting. The District Attorney will go back to court next week to file a dismissal on the case against Kelley.