Grinch watch: Kyle police take fun approach to remind residents of safety this holiday season

The City of Kyle is taking a fun approach to reminding residents to stay safe this holiday season. 

A series of videos featuring Kyle police on a mission to arrest the Grinch are going viral on social media, and FOX 7 caught up with the guys behind the seasonal shenanigans.

The Grinch Watch began with a burglary at a local home. Then, he was ripping off some holiday shoppers.

"It’s meant to bring everybody together and have a little self-awareness of your own situations of what you’re doing to prevent you from becoming a victim," said Officer Dago Pates, who handles community engagement for the Kyle Police Department.

The idea was the brainchild of Pates and city video specialist Grant Bowling—who plays the part of a Ron Burgundy-esque news anchor.

"Shaved my chin, had the mustache. I made sure to grow out the mustache for it," said Bowling.

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One video found the Grinch ransacking Mary Kyle Hartson Park.

"I think initially at first people were taken aback and wondering what was going on," said Pates.

"As soon as we started posting the videos on Facebook they were like ‘that’s why I saw him in the Kohl’s parking lot,’" said Bowling.

"100% positive vibes," said Pates. "Everybody loves them."

Adding some urgency to the Grinch Watch is the arrival of Santa Claus at the Kyle tree lighting on Thursday.

"We wanted to make sure the Grinch had some repercussions for his actions, and we also wanted to promote Santa’s arrival," said Bowling.

In the next video, Kyle police staged a sting operation to lure the Grinch with Santa’s naughty list.

"It was like pulling teeth to get these guys to want to be on camera, but now that they’ve done it they’re excited about it," said Pates.

The videos ended Tuesday with the news that Christmas had been saved.

FOX 7 Austin asked Officer Pates, who the Grinch really is. His reply: "I don’t know."

The videos are intended to promote the Grinch Watch website, which is full of holiday safety tips.

If you’d like to check out the (Grinch-free) tree lighting, it’s happening Thursday, Dec. 1 from 4-9 p.m. in Mary Kyle Hartson Park.