Group of dogs attack woman, kill Schnauzer in Kyle

On Thursday morning, Kyle Police officers responded to a dog attack on the 100 block of Cushman in Kyle.

Jerry Hendrix with the City of Kyle says when officers arrived they found a woman and her Schnauzer had been attacked.

"They were able to find the owner of those dogs and the owner voluntarily surrendered those dogs to our animal control officer," Hendrix said.

A witness from across the street who wants to stay anonymous heard the woman's screams.

"I tried to help but the dogs were coming after me. And so there was nothing any of us could do," the neighbor said.

He says thankfully someone pulled up in a truck honking the horn and the dogs ran off.

Kyle Police say the woman was taken to UMC Brackenridge with injuries to her head, neck and arms. She is in good condition as of Friday night. The Schnauzer later died in surgery at an Austin Vet Clinic.

Hendrix says the 4 attacking dogs were euthanized.

"Our officers are continuing to investigate the incident. The owners have already been charged with failure to provide proof of vaccinations. The results just came in and they and they were all negative for Rabies," Hendrix said.

Fox 7 spoke with one of the owners of those dogs. She also didn't want to appear on camera.

She says she had one full-blooded Pitt Bull and 3 Pitt-Bull mixes.

"They say that the gate was open. But like I say I make sure all night that my doors are locked and the gate is locked and all that. It's like a mystery. We don't know what happened," she said.

The owner says the dogs have escaped before but she's not sure how they did it this time.

"I have information that there were 2 previous incidences where the dogs did get out of the yard. But in neither of those incidences did the dogs display any behavior that would lead us to believe they would be violent," Hendrix said.

The owner of the dogs says she has been praying for the injured woman since it happened. And she misses her dogs.

"I miss [them] bad. And I really pray to God that she's okay. And I don't know what else to say," she said.

After this incident, the City of Kyle is reminding dog owners it's their responsibility to make sure dogs are properly cared and water.

Also, that they are properly contained.

The city says the dog owners have been charged with 4 counts of failure to provide proof of vaccinations and they say additional charges may be on the way.