Gun violence in SE Austin neighborhood has residents asking for help

Gun violence has filled the streets in one Southeast Austin neighborhood. Bullet holes can be seen in almost every other house.

Bullets holes, not one or two, but hundreds can be seen in several houses in the Indian Hills neighborhood off East William Cannon Drive in Southeast Austin.

"Someone was shot in the arm by one of the bullets that ricocheted through the window," a woman with relatives in the neighborhood and wants to remain anonymous said.

Residents said these drive-by shootings all happened in the last few months and somewhere within days of each other. One woman who has relatives in the neighborhood said the scariest for her was the shooting that happened in broad daylight.

"You just don't know what's going to happen from one day to the next day," the anonymous woman said.

FOX 7 Austin spoke to a dozen residents in the neighborhood. All were reluctant to be on camera in fear of retaliation.

"They know that there are people that are in control of that neighborhood, and this is a way to prove to the residents that they better keep their mouths shut. That to me states there is something much deeper that just random gun violence," League of United Latin American Citizens District Director Cynthia Valadez said. "And your households will be shot up and if some humans or babies or children happen to get shot, well that's on you because you opened your life."

Neighbors and supports said this isn’t a way to live.

"They just want to be able to live day by day with peace and quiet," the anonymous woman said.

They are calling for help before someone gets seriously injured.

"They're all poor communities but we poor people also, we work 40 plus hours, we pay taxes, why can't we get the help we need on this side of town?" the anonymous lady asked.

"How can people be intimidated and be forced to live in a situation whereby their livelihoods, their lives, their children, their babies are put at risk?" Valadez asked.

Neighbors said they want elected officials to show that they care, come out to their community, speak with the victims, provide support, and increase patrol to ensure their homes are safe.