Hays CISD elementary teacher under investigation after student records her insulting class

A Hays CISD elementary school teacher is under investigation after a student recorded her insulting her fourth-grade class. 
In the recording, Kathryn Willey can be heard shouting at her fourth-grade class. Pieces of the clip are included in the video above. 
The recording was made by one of Willey’s students. FOX 7 Austin spoke with the girl’s aunt, who asked to only be identified as “Gracie” as her son is also in the class. She says the family made the decision to have the girl record Willey after repeated problems. 
“My son would come home and tell me that when she would scream, her face would be as red as a tomato. So she was not yelling, she was screaming,” Gracie said. 

She says her shy son became even more introverted this school year. 
“He would cry about going to school. Always make excuses or say that the teacher's name and she picks on him and he would always be scared because he got the answer wrong,” Gracie said. 
Hays CISD sent FOX 7 Austin this statement: 
On Thursday, February 20, 2020, Hays CISD placed Camino Real Elementary School 4th grade teacher Kathryn Willey on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations that she used demeaning language and a belligerent tone with her students. The behavior was reported to the campus principal the afternoon before by a student who also provided audio recordings believed to be that of the teacher speaking with her students.The campus communicated this action to parents of students in the classroom on Thursday. On Monday, February 24, 2020, Principal Yvette Soliz shared the news with all parents of students at the campus. Additionally, she announced the decision to assign a different teacher to the fourth-grade class for the remainder of the year, regardless of the outcome of the investigation into Willey’s alleged actions. Willey has been a teacher at Camino Real Elementary since August 2013. The campus received one previous complaint against her during the fall semester of this school year alleging that she made an inappropriate remark to a student, calling him, “a bump on a log.” The campus investigated the concern and addressed it with the teacher. If found to be an accurate representation of what has occurred in her classroom, the new audio recordings show a much more significant level of unacceptable language and tone. Hays CISD strives to provide students with safe and nurturing environments where they are encouraged to learn and grow. All students deserve to be treated with dignity and respect with no exception.
The student referenced in the fall semester incident is Gracie’s son.