Hays CISD votes to place $217 million bond on May ballot

While more and more people are moving to Austin, families seem to be moving out.

Austin ISD is expecting a significant decrease in enrollment during the next 10 years, but other school districts, like Hays CISD, are seeing an increase.

Last year Hays CISD has 20,000 students, and in just one year, it has grown by 1,000.

"We're getting a lot of people that are moving into the Austin area, and we're also getting some people coming from living inside Austin moving out," Hays CISD chief communications officer Tim Savoy said.

In order to accommodate the growth, Savoy says the school district has voted to place a $217 million bond on the May 2nd ballot.

"Last summer, it was time to start looking ahead, we have demographers that project how many students were supposed to have and so you try to make sure you stay ahead of that as best you can," Savoy said.

The bond is broken up into six propositions, all geared towards growing the school district.

"For the bond in 2020, what we're looking at, we're looking at one brand new elementary school and we believe that'll help with our elementary, that will give a space for our elementary students," Savoy said.

Savoy says Hays County is a place where people want to live and if this bond passes, it will continue to better the community.

"The reason it's attractive is because we've been able to manage the growth that we've had," Savoy said. "We have excellent facilities, excellent teachers, excellent opportunities for students. And so this would be a continuation of that."