Hays County man with flesh-eating bacteria released from the hospital soon

The family of a Hays County man believed to have gotten flesh-eating bacteria from the Texas coast could be out of the hospital soon. Adrian Ruiz said he is doing well and doctors have been able to save his leg from being amputated.

Adrian got Vibrio a flesh-eating bacterial after a fishing trip over Father’s Day weekend.

It first started as a rash, but then got much worse. “This is like something out of a horror story, it's not something that you would see every day and I keep telling myself I feel like sometimes I feel like I am in a bad dream and I am just going to wake up and it's not going to be real,” his wife La Shelle said.

A Houston man had his leg amputated after getting a similar infection after going to the coast in Mid-June.

Getting these types of infections, doctors said is rare.  Dr. Kumar is an Austin Gastroenterologist. “I would say it's too early to stay out of the water. I think it's okay, I think the waters are safe,” he said.

Vibrio is more common during the summer months because the bacteria thrives in warm weather.  It can be contracted by eating uncooked shellfish, or while swimming. “It's unusual to get it on the ocean side, typically vibrio this kind of bacteria lives in brackish water on the bay side where it's a little more unsettled and murky,” Dr. Kumar said.

Those most at risk of contracting Vibriosis are people with compromised immune systems and an open wound.

But that's not the case with Adrian as La Shelle said he’s in good health. “This bacteria exists and it's getting people that are saying they don't even have cuts or scrapes or anything on them. So just be careful and cautious of this. Know what the warning signs are because you don't want it to get to far because you can lose your life over it,” she said.

Doctors at Seton Hays were unsure if they would be able to save Adrian's leg. But fast forward a little over a week his wound is healing.  “Approximately they think it will take about at least 2 months for that wound, for that skin to completely heal like it should,” La Shelle said.

And even better he could be home just in time for the holiday. ”It will be really good to have him home that day so we can watch fireworks from the driveway and celebrate the Fourth of July with him.”

The Ruiz family has been hit hard financially because Adrian hasn't been able to work, if you would like to help they do have a you caring account set up here

If you are heading to the coast and want to check the water quality, you can click here.

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