Hays County: Masked robbers could be police impersonators

Right now police are searching for three masked men who impersonated police officers. Those suspects could also be linked to a robbery that happened just an hour later, according to police.

The Hays County Sheriff's Office and Kyle police are looking for these ski-masked bandits. Police said they robbed this Golden Chick on Rebel Drive in Kyle just after 9 Tuesday night.

The owner said one of his employees could have lost her life.

"He actually physically handled her and put the gun up to her head," Pedro Hernandez, Captain, Kyle Police Department said.

They believe the same masked men are responsible for pulling a driver over in Buda an hour prior.
They were in an unmarked car, with red and blue police lights.

“That is pretty scary for a citizen to be pulled over by somebody who is not a police officer," Hernandez said.

The driver did stop, thinking he was safe. The driver took off when he saw who got out of the car. 
Police are warning drivers to be suspicious if pulled over in a rural area.

"Pull over in a well-lit populated area," Hernandez said.

Investigators said reports from the later robbery that night match the descriptions from the impersonation incident Kyle.  It was near closing time at Golden Chick , and no customers were inside the restaurant.

"Each individual displayed a handgun as they robbed the business," Hernandez said.

"The younger female who works for us, she's 16 she's just been on staff for about two weeks. She got protective like a mother and said, ‘no, no you stop I'll give you whatever you want, you just stop,’" Terry said.

The owner believes the bandits escaped with less than $300. It was a frightening experience for the employees but he's glad the situation didn't turn deadly.

"There's nothing in the store that's worth anybody's life over," Terry said.

The owner described the suspects as two Black men, and one White or Hispanic man within the 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-2 range. They are thought to be driving a dark-colored sedan. Call the Hays County Sheriff's Office or the Kyle Police Department if you have any information.