Hope fading as search for missing Texas State student ends third day

Kent Landry and his family woke up Wednesday, shaking off the overnight chill. Landry believed this would be the day they would find out where his son is.

"How do you know something when you wake up, you just, God laid on my heart and I think today is the day we know," said Landry.

However, hope started to fade when authorities turned their attention to a nearby pond where a sonar hit was made. As the water was drained the family braced for the answer they didn't want.

21-year-old Jason Landry left Texas State University Sunday night and was heading to Houston to be home for the holiday.  (Landry family)

"How could you prepare for the worst nightmare, for any parent, I don’t know," said Landry.

21-year-old Jason Landry left Texas State University Sunday night and was heading to Houston to be home for the holiday. Luling is where it’s believed Jason made a wrong turn. A mistake that possibly happened at the intersection of U.S. 183 & Austin Street. That street is also Hwy 80 which is the route from San Marcos.

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"I know when he left for school after Thanksgiving break my last words were to him, I love you, I have that comfort. He knows he is loved," said Landry.

Jason’s wrecked car was found on a remote road northeast of Luling. Inside the car, investigators found his wallet, his phone, and other personal items.  It’s believed Jason was injured but able to walked away from the wreck site and then disappeared.

The search Wednesday included teams on horseback. They worked through thick brush and once again across the vast oil field near the crash site.



"We always hope the person is still there, we are going to keep searching until we think that there is no more hope which could be two days three days four days from now we are going to continue to search until we find them or find an answer," said DPS Sgt Deon Cockrell.

As the day wore on Kent Landry continued to take short walks. Most took him back to the crash site.

"And if it’s bad news I thought I’d be there before him, but if he’s there to greet me at the pearly gates I’m OK with that because we will have all eternity to answer all the questions of why this road why here why then what happened all those questions they don’t mean anything when you think about will your child ever walk through the door again," said Landry.

At last report, there was no information regarding what, if anything, had been found in the pond that was drained. With Jason Landry still missing authorities said the plan was to be back along Salt Flat Road Thursday to continue the search.