Hundreds celebrate Dia de los Muertos in downtown Round Rock

Color and music lined the streets Saturday afternoon in downtown Round Rock as hundreds showed up to celebrate the annual Día de los Muertos festival. 

"Oh, it's so much fun," said Noriko Giles, who attended the festival with her kids. "We try to come every year."

Every year, the festival draws crowds for its dancing and shopping.

"It's a beautiful part of the heritage that comes from Mexico," said Joshua Giles, a festival attendee. "There's a lot of different colors, cultures, a mix of cultures, a lot of different events and a lot of good feelings that comes with being at the parade, being with other people."

There's even a costume contest and a parade.

"My favorite part is how like everyone would do something different," said Hiroshi Giles. "Everyone would dress up and somehow express themselves."


It would not be Día de los Muertos without an ofrenda.

"I think it's really special because they're no longer with us, and so by us celebrating them I think it makes them really happy, and it makes us really happy too to remember them," said Noa Vasquez, a festival attendee.

At the heart of it all is celebrating tradition.

"Para todos Latinos como que mas tradicione," said Rebeca Hoober, the vendor of Modamex Ropa Artesanal.

Tradition is why so many parents said they keep bringing their families back: 

"I really want them to share and be a part of it," said Joshua Giles.

"I absolutely want to show the kids what our culture is, and like tonight we're even going to watch Coco on tv," said Nadia Vasquez. "To remind them that our culture is really rich and lots of tradition."