Round Rock baker represents central Texas on the Food Network's "Halloween Cookie Challenge"

When Chelsea Fullmer of Round Rock first started decorating cookies for her youngest daughter's first birthday, she had no idea the future she was whipping up. 

"From that, I just turned it into a little business, which was really great because my kids were still young, so I could do something staying at home where I could bring an income and stuff while they were still little at home, and it just turned into a much bigger thing than I was really anticipating," said Fullmer.

Those first cookies turned into a business: Pink Lemon Cookies.

"I don't really do basic vanilla cookies," said Fullmer. "I do a lemon vanilla sugar cookie. That's kind of my signature flavor."


Fullmer works out of her own kitchen.

Before she knew it, the Food Network called her to bake in one of its kitchens.

"Oh my gosh," said Fullmer. "It's kind of like a dream come true. I've auditioned maybe like three or four times."

She had a week's notice to pack her bags and prepare for the TV show, "The Halloween Cookie Competition."

"It was a crazy experience," said Fullmer. "Getting to be on set there and just seeing everything that you see on TV, but then you're standing in the middle of it, and you're the one baking, it's surreal."

The show features four competitors with two challenges; the first eliminates one person. "The second challenge is a bigger bake that's two and a half hours, and then they crown a winner of the episode," said Fullmer.

Contestant Chelsea Fullmer, baking process, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 2.

The winner walks away with $10,000.

Fullmer said in mid-October that if she won, the money will be for her son, who has Type 1 diabetes, but however the cookie crumbles, she's just proud to represent central Texas.

"Being on the show, I just hope I really represented Austin and the baking community well," said Fullmer. 

Fullmer's episode premiered on Monday, Oct. 23 and she was crowned the winner.