Supporters of Israel gather outside Texas State Capitol

A sea of blue and white could be seen and heard outside the Texas State Capitol Sunday afternoon as hundreds of people are holding and wearing the Israeli flag.

"This is a huge support for us to show that we will not forget ever," said protestor Dori Roberts.

Roberts says he lost a family member as a result of the war that started in October and is still in search for several that are missing.

"Every day for us is a struggle, every day for us is an hour by hour, day by day struggle to keep the faith and believe that we will see them again," said Roberts.

DPS troopers blocked off the streets near the Capitol ahead of the march as the crowd continued to grow with those standing in support of Israel.


"This community here, they are doing every single day, they are checking our brothers and sisters everywhere, they are checking on families, they are donating meals," said Roberts.

"We're able to be out here in peace with the proper security to vote for our cause, if you will," said protestor Gregg Philipson.

The war has resulted in thousands of lives lost and more than 200 people are still being held hostage. The death toll is rising daily.

"This is our mission to make sure they are coming back to our families, well immediately unharmed," said Roberts.

"We are absolutely looking forward to a swift resolution overseas to the combative situation there and getting on with our lives back into some peace and harmony," said Philipson.