Kyle Fair: Hundreds of people named Kyle gather to try and break a world record

Hundreds of men and women with the same name, wearing the same shirt, make their way to Lake Kyle Park on Saturday afternoon for the gathering of Kyles, all on a mission to make history. 

"Kyles rock man, we are badass, I love my Kyles," said Kyle gathering attendee, Kyle Blanton.

Kupres, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, holds the title for the largest gathering of people with the same first name, with nearly 2,300 people named Ivan having gathered there in 2017, according to Guinness World Records.

In 2023, nearly 1,500 people named Kyle attended the first gathering in the City of Kyle.

The city did not break the record that year or this year. 

"There were more people here last year than there were this year," Blanton said.

"This year the official count was about 750, so we are all saying we are going to contact about two Kyles and bring them with us,"said Kyle gathering attendee, Kyle McDermott.

The gathering was a part of the Kyle Fair, a "Tex-travaganza" bringing out local vendors, entertainment, men, woman and children with the same first name.

"There are female Kyles, which is cool, you know," Blanton said.


"I think there were at least 21 women in here, because they called for a photo in front of the stage and there were 21 women that came up," McDermott said.

Those participating in the gathering were required to show proof of identification, have the same spelling and have Kyle as their first name.

Nicknames were not accepted.

"I got to meet a lot of cool Kyles out here and do a lot of shopping with local vendors," Blanton said.

Many say they plan to return next year and recruit more people by the name of Kyle to break the 2017 record.