Jade Helm 15 begins

Wednesday, the controversial military training exercise known as Jade Helm 15 is set to begin. The military is holding the exercise in 12 counties across Texas. While some are questioning the motives, others are embracing it.

Military officials say this training is to prepare soldiers for any rough terrain they could encounter while operating outside of their normal support mechanisms.

Some in Bastrop County believe this is a drill for a possible government takeover or implementation of martial law, while others are siding with the military, and saying most people are overreacting.

“The military's been with us a long time here in Bastrop County at camp swift and I think we've had a very trusting relationship with them. If we can't trust our friends in the military, I think this country's in worse shape than we've ever thought we were. We trust them implicitly,” said Chris Bratton, Elgin Police Department Chief.

The eight-week training session is supposed to end in September.