Jason Landry: Aunt of missing Texas State student thankful for continued support

It has been more than a year and a half since Texas State student Jason Landry went missing and many are still spreading information and actively searching for him.

"The unknown is really hard on the family because we don't know what happened and having to go to bed every night just wondering where he is or what happened to him, how he might have suffered or where he is and if he's okay," Jason Landry’s aunt Donna Egenolf said.

Investigators said Jason Landry disappeared on December 13, 2020, driving from San Marcos to his parent’s Houston-area home. On December 14, a volunteer firefighter found Landry’s car crashed and abandoned, but so far, no Landry.

 "I used to think that the worst thing a parent can experience is losing their child, but I've learned that it's not. It's not knowing," Catherine Shellman said.

Shellman said her daughter, who went to Texas State, was murdered in 2010. "I feel like I couldn't help Tiffany, so when I heard about Jason missing, I thought you know, here's another Texas State student, and he's so young, and he's missing, people don't just disappear, where is he, what can I do to help," she said.

On Saturday, a new sign was hung from the Wake of the Dead Coffee House in San Marcos.

"This street and this gas station and this area gets a lot of people coming and going, and we're hoping they'll see the sign, and it will job something in their memory, you know what, he is still missing, and I remember this small thing, so let's call the Attorney General's phone number and share whatever information we have," Shellman said.

Volunteers said they want to keep him name top of mind, so they’ve displayed banners, flyers, signs, and car magnets with Landry’s name and missing person information.

"We think if someone out there knows something, it takes one person to come forward," Felicia Sundgren, who lives in the same neighborhood as the Landry family, said.

"We're going to keep marching forward to try to find him, to tell people, to find answers. We are hopeful," parent of former Texas State student Cyndi Lay said.


A team of people from all over Texas continue to be hopeful. Some of them never even knew Landry. "I was very quickly drawn into doing anything I could," Lay said.

Landry’s aunt said she’s thankful. "It's unbelievable that people are still involved with my nephew who they've never met before,’ Egenolf said. ‘To have their support and their continuing dedication and getting his name out there, it means the world to us."

Shellman said they’ll have a search in Luling the weekend of September 24. If you have any information, call the Texas Attorney General at 512-936-0742.