Kaitlin Armstrong trial: Vehicle tracked to murder scene

On Thursday, Nov. 9, prosecutors in the Kaitlin Armstrong trial tried to put her at the scene of the murder in East Austin. Armstrong is accused of killing pro-cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in May 2022. 

Prosecutors claimed soon after that, she fled the country and was hiding out in Costa Rica.

Prosecutors claimed Armstrong was behind the wheel, pulled the trigger, was on an airplane, then under the knife all within a little over a month.

Data collected by an Austin police detective revealed on the night of the murder, Armstrong’s vehicle circled where the murder of Anna Moriah Wilson happened for a while, then it turned off near the crime scene at 8:40 p.m., turned back on and left the area at 9:17 p.m. Surveillance footage from a neighbor nearby captured sounds of gunshots about 5 minutes before that.


Following Wilson’s death, Armstrong was taken in for questioning on an unrelated warrant but was free to go because the date of birth appeared to be wrong on the warrant. The defense asked the APD detective who interviewed Armstrong if anyone told her she couldn’t leave Austin, Texas, or the country, and she said no.

Armstrong did leave. The man who found her testified she was tracked to a hostel in Costa Rica. Deputy Marshal Emir Perez said he saw a woman who looked like Armstrong but had a bandage over her nose, swollen lips, and darker hair. Photos were shown in court of a woman who looked like Armstrong on an operating table. The defense questioned the validity of them.

When Armstrong was arrested, authorities found in her belongings a receipt for cosmetic surgery under the name Allison Page, her sister’s passport stamped on May 18th, and Armstrong’s passport with no stamp.

Friday, Nov. 10 is an observed holiday, so court is in recess until Monday, Nov. 13.