Kaitlin Armstrong trial: Five hours of Colin Strickland testimony on day 4

Colin Strickland, the ex-boyfriend of Kaitlin Armstrong, was seen trying to push a camera out of a photographer’s hands on Monday, Nov. 6 on Day 4 of the murder trial.

The incident was reflective of Strickland's demeanor while on the witness stand. He appeared agitated and defensive, regularly answering questions with "I don’t recall." 

Text exchanges between Wilson and Strickland, and Strickland and Armstrong, were shown to jurors.

In October 2021, when Strickland said he and Armstrong were broken up, Armstrong texted him ahead of an event at a local café, "I know you know better than to show up at Meteor with that girl." Strickland said by "girl" she meant Moriah Wilson.

In March 2022, Strickland posted a video on Instagram from a racing event that featured Wilson and other cyclists. Armstrong texted him, "Send my love to Pete and Mo," and Strickland responded, "Can you please stop."

But while Armstrong has been painted as the scorned, jealous lover, the defense pushed back on that narrative in the longest cross-examination of a witness so far.

The defense noted that Strickland initially described her to police as very sweet and "not particularly jealous" and described their relationship as "mostly very peaceful and pleasant."


The defense instead, through questioning, seemed to plant some doubts as to Strickland's character, specifically in his interactions with women. 

Strickland had lied to Armstrong about where he was the evening of May 11, and at one point, changed Wilson’s name in his phone. 

Another focus on Monday was the two 9mm pistols found at Strickland’s home. A receipt from Dec. 6, 2021, from McBride's was shown along with a photo that appeared to capture Armstrong at a firing range. When asked if it was his idea to buy the two guns, Strickland said it was.