Kenyan woman who crawled to Marathon finish line to thank medical responders

The Kenyan woman who made a miraculous third place finish at the Austin Marathon is back in town

Ten days ago, Hyvon Ngetich crawled across the finish line after collapsing just a few blocks away. She had been in first place. Seton Medical Staff helped carry her to safety at their tent after she completed the race.

Ngetich, who lives in Mexico, is still recovering from her fall. She came back to Austin to publicly thank those staff members.

She is expected to do so Tuesday morning at Seton Medical Center.

"Something happened to me and I was in pain. My knees, I was really in pain. They told me congratulations, you finished the race and I said what? You know, I would just say one word, thank you because I believe saying thank you is bigger. God bless you for saving my life," she said.

Though Ngetich is still recovering, she tells FOX 7 that she does plan to hit the pavement again soon.