Lake Travis business up as summer comes to an end

Businesses along Lake Travis say they've seen an increase in customers this summer as school starts and teh season draws to close.

For Joshua Cantu, a dockhand at Daybreak Boat Rentals, there's only one way to describe boat rental businesses along Lake Travis during Labor Day weekend. “It's been crazy busy.” 

Cantu’s been working around the clock, booking rentals.

“The most part of our business was yesterday and Saturday but it's still pretty busy over here today,” said Cantu.

It's like this all around the lake. Lake Travis is full. A rare site compared to previous summers.

“This summer has been consistently busier than the summers in the past,” said Jacob Hart, general manager at popular restaurant and hangout The Oasis.

Hart says The Oasis has seen profits tick up significantly since Memorial Day weekend all the way to now. The rains had a lot to do with it.

“So we've definitely seen a direct correlation between the lake level rising and the amount of foot traffic in the restaurant,” Hart says.

The last time the lake was full was six years ago. 

“With the lake being back up and the weather holding. We've had a ton of foot traffic and locals coming out and tourists,” said Hart.

The Dejonge family just moved to Austin all the way from Michigan, and they're already loving the water out here.

“This is definitely a lot bigger than Lake Macatawa that we're used to,” said Kelsey Dejonge.

After Labor Day, a lot of businesses will continue to see some weekend traffic, but profits may go down a bit come winter. But they say spring break brings gets them right back to where they need to be.

“They love the scenery. They love to be able to get all their family on a boat and go out into the cove, anchor up somewhere,” said Cantu.