Laundry angels help Wimberley flood victims

Volunteers are washing away some of the worry for flood victims in Wimberley. When a wall of water rushed through last week it showed no mercy soaking clothes and even sweeping them down the river.

"We are moms and we know how to do laundry and fold all day" said Jennifer Reyes, a coordinator with Wimberley Flood Laundry Relief.

Shortly after the flood hit the group teamed up with Wash Day Laundry owner Jamie Bishop. Bishop cut the price in half and the laundry angels set out to raise the rest of the money online to cover the cost. Through a GoFundMe account they raised more than $14,000.

Strangers donated detergent and other laundry supplies. The first load went in the washer two days after the flood. With machines running almost around the clock they have washed 7,500 pounds of laundry.

"We were able to bring in people with disabilities and children and elderly who all wanted to help but they couldn't dig through dirt," said Reyes.

Dawn Shepler-Hamilton stopped by Tuesday to pick up some of her mother's clothes. The water soaked her 79-year-old mother's belongings. She's grateful for the help.

"It's the things you don't think about. You go to get something out of a drawer and she doesn't have a drawer but now she has baskets of clean clothes because of people that help out," said Shepler-Hamilton.

"As a business owner this is my way to give back to my community," said Bishop. Each bag of clean clothes goes back out with a note decorated with love by small hands.

"They give it back to us with a smile and a hug so there's not much more we could ask for," said Shepler-Hamilton.

"It's their personal belongings and all they have and something to feel comfortable in that they thought they would never get back," said Reyes.

It's more than just clothes. One of the more meaningful items washed was an American flag belonging to a veteran.

The laundry angels will work until Friday, June 5th.