LCRA opens four floodgates on Mansfield Dam more openings anticipated with heavy rain

Four floodgates at Mansfield Dam remained open Friday. But according to the Lower colorado river authority, that might change if rains continues to fall into next week.

All eyes are on Lake Travis as water levels continue to rise. Friday it rose at a slower rate steadily funneling water in to Mansfield Dam. Allowing homeowners who live along the watershed time to clean-up after the catastrophic floods washed in on Tuesday.

Lake Travis is well into its flood pool with a little more than 704 elevation. LCRA Executive Vice President John Hofmann said if it rises above 710 the LCRA will open additional flood gates releasing water downstream.

“710 would be an action point for us where we would increase the amount of water coming out of the dam of Mansfield dam,"Hofmann said. "We continue to be very vigilant this continues to be a very significant situation and this major flood event is not over."

Hofmann said all six dams along the Highland Lakes are working just as they should. In the meantime, they'll wait for mother nature to continue to make the first move while they prepare for the worse.