Local activist Antonio Buehler arrested

Local activist Antonio Buehler was arrested again over the weekend while filming police. Buehler faces a misdemeanor charge for interfering with public duties and resisting arrest after police say Buehler came dangerously close to an officer while they were trying to break up a disturbance on 6th Street.

Video of the arrest has surfaced on YouTube by Photography is Not a Crime.

According to court paperwork, Buehler and six members of the Peaceful Streets Project were asked to move back but that is when Buehler began arguing with the officers.

Sergeant Dear says he continued warning Buehler to move back and at one point had to move Buehler out of his way.

According to the paperwork, Buehler came back after a few moments and positioned himself inches away from the officers and started rallying up his crew.

Officers on scene then said it quickly became a hostile situation.

At this point officers told Buehler he was going to be placed under arrest. Buehler then started walking away from police and resisting arrest.

Buehler was booked into the Travis County Jail on August 2 and has since been released.

Buehler founded the Peaceful Streets Project, which advocates for the filming of police officers. He started the group after an incident on New Year's Day in 2012 after police arrested him for a felony harassment charge after he allegedly spit on an officer's face.

Buehler has since been acquitted of that charge.