'Longest-stay' shelter dog finds home after 543 days

A happy ending for a dog that's been at the Austin Animal Center for a long time!

Roscoe has been at the shelter longer than any other dog there, a total of 543 days. But, he's found a new home with Jim Osborne and Kat Kane… along with a new friend to play with. Osborne and Kane adopted a little Chihuahua as well.

Kane says she's not sure why Roscoe wasn't snatched up sooner.

 “I thought...how can that be? Because what drew me were his eyes in that picture. They were so soft, and I thought...this can't be right," said Kane.

Ron Dischert works with the Austin Animal Center and says they never give up on finding the perfect homes.

“What I’ve found...I’ve done a lot of 'long-stays' and getting them adopted. It’s patience. It's working with them, the family's out there.  So, I don't give up," said Dischert.

The couple says the Animal Center was a little concerned about the size difference between the two dogs, but apparently, Roscoe and the little Chihuahua are inseparable.