Lyft becomes first ridesharing operator at Austin's airport

Lyft has become the first and only Transportation Network Company permitted to operate as a ridesharing operator at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Lyft and the City of Austin Aviation Dept. reached a one-year pilot program agreement on March 6, effective immediately. Under the agreement, Lyft will provide the airport a 10% concession fee based on gross revenue received by operating at the airport.

Uber, another popular TNC, will not be able to operate at ABIA. ABIA's Jim Halbrook says Uber didn't agree to the ABIA Operational Agreement and Uber drivers are told to leave when they go to ABIA to pick passengers up.

Lyft joins a variety of other ground transportation operators permitted at the airport such as taxis, limos, shuttles and buses. For an entire list of permitted ground transportation operators at Austin-Bergstrom, you can go here.