Man from Austin is one of many filing lawsuits against Travis Scott

An Austin man has filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and Drake after being severely injured at AstroWorld, claiming the rappers put their performance over their fans' safety.

"I feel horribly for these victims. It's our responsibility to make sure we get justice for these people," said Attorney Thomas J. Henry.

Around 50,000 people packed into the AstroWorld Festival in Houston to watch rapper Travis Scott perform. A crowd surge at the show resulted in fans pushing up against each other so hard to get to the front, that some passed out, some had heart attacks, and others were trampled.

In total, Harris County officials confirm 8 people died and 300 plus were injured.

Thomas J. Henry is an attorney representing Austinite Kristian Paredes in a lawsuit against Travis Scott, surprise guest Drake, Live Nation, and NRG stadium for $1,000,000 in damages. "To hold those entities, those corporations, those individuals responsible, that could have and should have prevented this entire tragedy," said Henry.

In the lawsuit, it says Paredes was at the front of the general admission section as Travis Scott's performance started when he felt an immediate push. The crowd then became chaotic, and a stampede began leaving Parades severely injured.

"What we need to do is hold the people responsible and what we need to do in our justice system is to create enough pressure on these types of entities, these types of performers, that this doesn't happen again, and it should never happen again," said Henry.

The lawsuit says Travis Scott's behavior at Astroworld is nothing new and that the rapper has incited "mayhem and chaos" at prior events and the other defendants "knew or should have known of Travis Scott’s prior conduct."

The documents add rapper Drake "put himself out on stage alongside Travis Scott and continued to be on stage performing alongside Travis Scott as the crowd became out of control. Drake even continued to perform on stage while the crowd mayhem continued."

The lawsuit also adds that those running AstroWorld failed at keeping its attendees safe. "This is a horrible tragedy whenever you have people that die or are injured, and it should have never happened. It's always tragic," said Henry.

Since filing this first lawsuit, Attorney Henry now represents over 60 other victims who suffered at AstroWorld. He believes more lawsuits are to come.

"Everyone has a common theme about the horrific nature of fear, anxiety, trepidation, injuries, crush injuries, broken bones, broken arms. A lot of people are very traumatized over having to step over people that were dying or had died," he said.

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