Marrying yourself? Sologamy is latest self-care trend

The latest trend in self-care is takes loving yourself to a new level: getting married to yourself.

A group of 50 people in Phoenix recently said “I do” to themselves as sologamy gains traction as a self-esteem boost.

Life coach EJ Love Love told Fox 10 Phoenix she married herself on a beach in Australia in 2016. Love wore a dress, walked down the aisle and said her vows, to herself, in a mirror. 

The ceremony is meant to be a statement of commitment to oneself, reaffirming that the person will try to love themself, keep their own best interests in mind and be there for themself.

Love said she married herself after getting out of an abusive relationship as a way of boosting her self-esteem. Now she holds ceremonies for others to marry themselves. Some people like to keep the ceremonies small, while others like to hold extravagant ceremonies and receptions like a traditional wedding.

The ceremony isn’t legally binding in any way and doesn’t prevent the person from getting married to another person in the future.