Matthew McConaughey becomes one of the owners of Austin FC

Surprise, surprise surprise...(that’s supposed to be read like ‘alright, alright, alright’...FYI) -- Mr. Matthew McConaughey is joining the "club."

The Academy-award winning actor and Austin icon is now part-owner of Austin FC. He's joining Anthony Precourt, majority partner and CEO of Austin FC and parent company Two Oak Ventures.

The other Austinites joining the ownership group -- tech gurus Eddie Margain and Marius Haas, along with energy entrepreneur Bryan Sheffield. "The group is something special.  It's a huge day for us and it kind of takes us next level," Precourt said.

"This ball I believe is the greatest invitation in the world," McConaughey said, holding up a soccer ball.  

As for McConaughey's involvement: he says it's an investment in this city and the game he's come to love. "This is about legacy for me.  I'm at a time in my life where I don't want to spend time or money on things that I don't look forward to dealing with on Monday morning," he said.

So...why Austin?

"Look at Austin, Texas,  Look at who we are: we're one of the most diverse cities in the world, an international destination.  If you take a blueprint of who we are as Austin...we are soccer.  This is a soccer city," he said.

We asked Precourt about the "cool-factor" this iconic actor brings to the team.

"I'm getting my documents signed for this agreement the other day.  I was in California.  No Austin FC, no name of any partner on that document And as I signed the agreement to close the deal my notary goes 'alright, alright, alright' how about that for karma?  Seriously?" Precourt said.  

McConaughey has been dubbed the "Minister of Culture" for the University of Texas.  Well that's what Austin FC is calling him too. "As Minister of Culture what do I see my job, my opportunities as?  One: creative direction of how we go forward with the team, how we're branding, how we're messaging," McConaughey said.

But he says the real baseline for the job is aligning values and bridging relationships.

"There is the relationship with Austin again in the way that Austin sort of seems to have its own tribes of north, south, west and east.  And I think there's an opportunity for this game to bring those sides of Austin together as well.  So there're less borders between the 4 of them," he said.

More words of wisdom from Matthew: "Estamos listo."  (We're ready.) "Make this not only the coolest team in the MLS, let's make this the coolest team in the world.  Let's make this the coolest team in el mundo.  Toro, listo, verde, let's go," McConaughey said.

The next step is building the stadium in North Austin. Groundbreaking is set for September 5th.

The team is expected to start playing in 2021.



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