Mayor: Masks will remain "mandatory" in Austin, but there will be no civil or criminal penalty for not wearing them

Sunday, Town Lake was packed with Austinites enjoying the sunshine. Some were wearing masks but most were not. 

“I noticed that a lot of people aren’t wearing masks,”  noted Megan McGuire. 

McGuire, feels so strongly about masks she helped start the company “Ucaremasks”-- which helps get masks to those on the frontline and works to make them more available to the general public. 


“I realize that Texas lifted their restrictions recently but if anything, I think we kind of need to do our due diligence and make sure that we’re not spreading anything while we’re out,” she said. 

Monday, Governor Greg Abbott, issued an executive order, saying local officials cannot impose penalties on residents who don’t wear masks. 


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“Everyone should be encouraged, but by my executive order, it supersedes local orders with regard to any type of fine or penalty for anyone not wearing a mask,” he said. 

Yolanda Delgado tells FOX 7 Austin she supports the governor's decision. “I think it’s a difficult decision to make but I guess it kind of had to be made.” 

Meanwhile, Austin Mayor Steve Adler says he plans to keep masks “mandatory” in the city. But, admits there is no way to enforce that order with a civil, or criminal penalty. 

“Now the penalty for not wearing a mask is that more people are going to get infected and some people are going to die. So, the penalty is different now. I’m hoping that people will take this particular penalty very seriously.” he said. 



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