Mayor Steve Adler jokes about Trump at DNC

The Democratic National Convention is well underway and some local politicians are making an appearance to show their support for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“The year 2016 is why the Mayan calendar ended in 2012,” said Austin Mayor Steve Adler. 

The mayor of Texas' capital city didn't hold back while addressing the Texas delegation breakfast in Philadelphia.

“You know, if you think about it, if Trump wins we're going to look back on Rick Perry as the competent one, George Bush as the smart one, Ken Paxton as the honest one and Sid Miller as the sensible one,” Adler said. 

Mayor Adler spoke to other Texas Democrats encouraging support for Clinton.

“Even if Hillary were running against a generic Republican, there are good, specific reasons why I would vote for her,” Adler said.

But first he got in a few jabs at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“The truth is, and I just mention this as an aside, but Donald Trump is actually popular in some respects in Austin, Texas. Not for his policies, but because in Austin, Texas, we like anything that's burnt orange,” said Adler. 

The mayor of Texas' weirdest city said Trump's policies threaten Austin’s values; citing marriage equality, gender equality and support for minority workers as some of the morals popular in the Music Capital of the World.

“If Trump wins, Austin will have no choice but to build a wall around the city. It's going to be a big, beautiful wall. We're going to make Round Rock pay for it, no, we're going to make Dan Patrick pay for it,” Adler said.  

On a more serious note, Mayor Adler explained how he thinks a Hillary Clinton presidency would move Austin in a more positive direction.
Adler voiced his support for Clinton’s policies that would work to reduce traffic, increase investment in computer science and fill the workforce with community college graduates.

“There are a lot of reasons to support Secretary Clinton, but as mayor of a tech city with unequal opportunity, lousy traffic and not enough public transport, Hillary's agenda is music to our ears,” said Adler.

Mayor Adler also spoke about Bernie Sanders' campaign and his move to unify the party behind Hillary Clinton.

Adler plans to return to Austin on Friday after the end of the convention.