Menorah lit over MoPac in same location anti-Semitic banners were placed

A menorah was lit over MoPac Monday evening at the very spot where an anti-Semitic banner was placed just a month ago. 

"Impromptu show of light, a show of inspiration, spreading the light of Hanukkah to everyone who passes by. Everybody knows what happened at that location a few weeks ago," said Associate Rabbi Lavi Lebertov of Chabad.

Associate Rabbi Levertov said he knew they had to do something this Hanukkah following the recent incidents which targeted the Jewish community. 

"Our response is a response of light. As it gets dark we light Hanukkah candles, we don’t light them during the day and that message is that even a little bit of light, can transform and light up the darkness," said Levertov.

From the anti-Semitic banner over MoPac last month to the synagogue arson in Central Austin in October, Rabbi Levertov said they will not let fear stop them from celebrating Hanukkah. This year they plan to have even more events throughout the holiday than they normally would. 

"Instead of cowering to hate we are using this as a catalyst for goodness and kindness and a catalyst for light. This year there are events happening all over greater Austin, from south Austin, central, Round Rock, and Georgetown. These are events happening to spread the goodness and spread the light," said Levertov.

Rabbi Levertov said this year following those incidents they want to show the world the kind of place Austin really is. "Our message to Austin, the country and the world is Austin is not a place of hate it’s a place of light it’s a place of goodness  and we are spreading that kindness outwards."

For a list of Hanukkah events going on you can click here.

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