Mom’s hilarious prayer for heavenly help in homeschooling amid COVID-19 is every parent right now

A Tennessee women’s humorous desperate prayer for God’s help in homeschooling speaks on the sentiments of many parents across America as schools continue to shutdown for the year amid coronavirus.

Branalyn Shropshire is a comedian, wife and proud parent of a daughter named Sydney. With schools closed in response to COVID-19 pandemic Shropshire has been plunged into the role of a homeschool teacher for the fourth grader.

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In solidarity with other parents, she posted a hilariously relatable video to Instagram that speaks on the pains of the new role.

Shropshire opens up the video by saying, “Let us pray. Father God. I am a child of God. What I am not is a home school teacher. God, I'm at home. But Lord ain't no teaching going on around here.”

She goes onto say how she is not a cafeteria lady, Denny’s, IHOP, nor Waffle House because it appears that the fridge door is always open.

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Pleading for patience, she says, “Lord God, not only am I your child, but I'm gonna be an inmate because I'm going to jail. Lord God. I don't look good in orange.”

Shropshire concludes by asking God to bless all the teachers because they have a special place in heaven.

“I truly applaud teachers, grocery store workers, all first responders, nurses, doctors and everyone that is going the extra mile to keep us safe during this uncertain time,” Shropshire said.

She told FOX 5 faith inspired her to make this video because she is determined to see the brighter side by always looking for the humor.


While many people are doing their best to remain in good spirits, others are not faring as well.

And if you want a bit of advice on how to find joy in these tough times, Shropshire says follow her motto ‘laughter is good for the soul.’

In an effort to continue spreading laughter, Shropshire plans on posting more humorous videos to her social channels. 

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