Monster trucks gather to support 2-year-old boy with leukemia

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Normally sitting in a traffic jam is a nuisance, but the one that occurred today between Baytown and Mont Belvieu was for a good cause as 1,000 big wheel trucks gathered at Royal Purple Raceway for a procession to make one young boys last wish come true.

The Matthews family had their lives turned upside down when their son, Steven Wayne Matthews, was diagnosed with leukemia back in October. Although he has been in good spirits throughout his treatment, doctors say there is nothing else they can do for the 2 year old.

Family and friends wanted to bring some joy to the toddlers life, and learned from his mom, how much he loves monster trucks. Organizer, Ryan Buck, sprang into action "well you know what we know some people with some lifted trucks and jeeps we can get a little parade going for the little guy maybe it will make him smile." They were expecting about 30 trucks to come through when they first started planning, but were in complete shock when over 1000 trucks of all shapes and sizes showed up!

Sky Fox was able to catch the procession of trucks as one by one they passed Stevie's house in Mont Belvieu since he wasn't well enough to attend the event. Many showed their support back at the raceway, giving donations, and entering in raffles. An anonymous donor  gave the family a jeep, knowing how much Stevie likes big trucks. The Matthews family overwhelmed by all the support wants to continue raising awareness for juvenile cancer. The Matthews family has a go fund me page set up to help with Stevie's medical expenses.