'He was loved': Mother of man killed in scooter crash speaks out

Three weeks ago, a man on a scooter was killed after being hit by a car downtown. Now, his mother is speaking out.

The crash happened on April 29 at 2:30 a.m. on East 7th Street between Allen and Gunter. Now, a memorial for 32-year-old Adam Gaconnet is there.

The night of the crash, he was heading home from work on a scooter. A car hit and killed him.

His mother, Debi West, spoke to FOX 7 Austin from Rockport, Texas. She says this was going through her mind when she heard the news. 

"Everything and nothing. This was my third child I buried, so it was a rough," she said.

Gaconnet's services were this past weekend.

"[A woman at the funeral home] had never seen the kind of outpouring that there was at our funeral. He was loved," she said.

Gaconnet was a graffiti artist who went by the tag name Zomek. He leaves behind a 12-year-old son.

"He never met a stranger," West said.

West says this is what she misses most about her son.

"His smile, and the hugs. Those 20 second hugs are amazing," she said.

She says they're movie buffs in the family, and Gaconnet would remember things he watched when he was young.

"That stuff that we did when he was a baby, it's amazing to me that he remembered it," West said.

She says later on, he even took it upon himself to get off drugs.

"He was definitely his own person. I just thank God we had a good upbringing for him and instill some values into him that he tended to carry with them," she said.

According to court records, Francisco Jauregui was arrested for a DWI in this case.

Jail records show he was out of jail the next day. FOX 7 Austin reached out to the attorney for Jauregui but have not heard back.

"I want him to understand that you can't do this to somebody else's kid. Or somebody else's mother," West said.

This is her message.

"If you're going to drink, keep your a** out of a vehicle. It's not worth what's going to happen to you, and it's not worth what you're going to do to somebody," she said.

FOX 7 Austin has reported on other people being hurt on scooters in the past few weeks. 

"I think the scooters should be just banned everywhere. You can't put something that little bitty on the street that vehicles drive on and expect bad not to happen," West said.

West says she donated his corneas to give somebody else the gift of sight.

"This would be such a blessing for somebody," she said.