Mother of murdered teen makes plea for answers

A mother issues a gut-wrenching plea for answers in the murder of her 16-year-old son. The teen was found dead in Southeast Austin in January.

When you listen to Guillerma Longoria's cries, you can almost feel her pain. She says not a day goes by that she doesn't cry out for her son and for answers as to why someone took him from this earth.

"That was my son. That was my son and they threw him away. They threw him away like he didn't matter,” said Guillerma Longoria. "He mattered. He wasn't just a piece of trash that you could discard. It just broke my heart. I can just imagine my son's body there."

On January 3rd, 16-year-old Darian Longoria's body was found along Onion Creek near 183 and Burleson Road. Detective Anthony Nelson says it was not a quick passing. There was evidence he suffered before he was killed.

"I know it was a group of individuals. I know it was not just one person. This group of individuals are involved in the drug trade. Darian was on the outskirts of this group. For some reason or another, this group felt Darian was responsible for some of their losses. Darian was the person they were going to make pay for their losses,” said Nelson.

"That was my son. That was my baby. I taught him how to walk. I can picture his little curly hair as a baby. That was my baby. That was my baby. You had no right to do that to my son,” said Longoria.

Longoria last saw her son on December 7th as she left their home along Stassney and Teri Road. That was a full month before his body was found. She doesn't even know what day her son died.

"My heart is inflicted with so much pain. I just want to know what happened to my son,” said Longoria.

Detective Nelson says he is talking with members of the group, but so far it's not enough to file charges.

"I need more of the guys to say look this is what happened. I need them to come here and talk to me. I need to put it on paper,” said Nelson.

Longoria says people are also talking with her. In order to get the answers she needs they must go to police.

"I have cried for my son every single day. Every day I have cried for my son,” said Longoria. "I know that nothing can ever bring Darian back, but at least me as a mom and his family and friends we'll know what happened to him and we'll know why."

If you know any information about this crime, now is the time to make the phone call to police. Call the homicide tipline at  512-477-3588.