Murder near West Campus

Investigators spent all of Friday at the GrandMarc Austin, a third floor apartment, labeled a crime scene. "Really nice building, kind of new, not too many problems, not too many complaints." Noel Zapata lives in the building near West Campus.

It started out as a welfare check on an unconscious nineteen-year old and is now being labeled a murder. "I didn't see anything going on," Zapata says.

Austin police found the man with a head injury. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. An autopsy is underway, Charges are pending against the person they believe to be responsible. Neither names have been released.

Zapata says he didn't hear anything overnight, "this morning we heard a knock on the door and this paper slipped through."

It was from management reassuring residents. It also mentioned the suspect and his victim knew each other. Zapata was surprised to learn the news.  "The worst that anything happens is the homeless get in fights but other than that, I would have never heard of a homicide on West Campus."

Late Friday afternoon what looked to be Animal Control was seen carrying a small dog out of the building. Though they wouldn't confirm who it belonged to. Residents were seen coming and going throughout the day. Across the street, several residents were moving out. Recent UT Graduate Tucker Ramsey was one of them. "There were a lot of cop cars driving around here this AM. More than normal circling the building," he says. 

He spent all of Thursday night packing up his apartment. "It's a lot of college students so late at night it's a lot of drinking," says Ramsey.

Ramsey says the neighborhood gets pretty rowdy and because of that his move couldn't come soon enough. "Sometimes there's things that happen past two am -- kind of like mom says nothing good happens after midnight."