New bikeway on Shoal Creek Boulevard learning curve for residents

The new bikeway along Shoal Creek Boulevard is taking some getting used to for residents.

“It's going to be a learning curve for the people that live here at least till they get use to that traffic flow again,” said Andrew Kerr who lives along Shoal Creek Boulevard.
The road underwent a big change from the city to not only prevent drivers from speeding but to make it safer for cyclists.

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“It's a change for everybody, everyone along Shoal Creek is having to get adjusted to the new bike lanes being on one side,” said Kerr.
The new bikeway has two lanes for cyclists to go in either direction on the east side of Shoal Creek. In the past, this used to be where cars could park.
The change comes at a price. Kerr said he's glad the road is safer for cyclists though some areas for drivers can be narrow and tricky.

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“We've seen some near misses and we hope the Austin transportation department takes a look at those instances and makes adjustments to make us all safer because really that's what we are worried about is those safety issues,” said Kerr.
FOX 7 spoke to a family cycling down the new path on how they felt about the changes.

“For the past 5 years my kid road on the side walk and this was the first time they road on the street,” said Donovan Miller. While Miller feels it's safer for his kids on bikes, he also noticed a similar problem Kerr mentioned: space for drivers. “You have real tight corners; you have posts that barely make the street 10 feet wide,” said Miller.

While these changes are new, both Miller and Kerr hope some tweaks are made in order to make Shoal Creek Boulevard even safer for everyone.

Funding for the project was passed back in 2016 as part of a city bond. Once the entire project is completed in the summer, Austin police will do a study on speeding in the area.