New documents released by Texas Rangers for Greg Kelley hearing

New documents related to the case against Greg Kelley have been released by the Texas Rangers.

Greg Kelley was in a Williamson County court earlier this month for a three day hearing where Kelley's lawyer presented new evidence to prove Kelley's innocence. 22-year-old Kelley was convicted of assaulting a young boy at an in home daycare in Cedar Park in 2014.

Judge King is giving the prosecution and Kelley's attorneys until August 18 to deliver findings of fact to her. She will then decide whether to let Kelley out on bond.

According to a search warrant recently released by Texas Rangers, there are three primary suspects who may have sexually assaulted the young boy back in 2014. One of these is Greg Kelley. 

After the Williamson County District Attorney reopened the case against Kelley, all case information was reviewed by the Texas Rangers. In the recently released documents, the Texas Rangers listed the reasons which have prevented the ability to rule Greg Kelley out as a suspect.

Some, but not all of the reasons, include: Kelley was named by the victim, Kelley had opportunity and access, and Kelley admitted to wearing the clothing that the child victim described his attacker wearing during the assault.

While re-analyzing Kelley's cell phone, a Texas Ranger claims to have found pornography on the phone as well as browser history that suggested Kelley visited hookup sites for adults. 

Some of the websites were visited 22 days before the out cry by the child victim. 

According to Kelley's attorney Keith Hampton, none of the sites that were visited by Kelley have child pornography on them and that the sites are typical of what a teenage boy would look at.  According to Hampton, the information was known to everyone in the case and it should not factor into Kelley's request to be released from jail on bond. 

Other documents were also obtained by FOX 7 regarding one of the other suspects, Johnathan McCarty. 

According to those documents, investigators also found that McCarty visited pornographic websites. Investigators also discovered text messages about delivering drugs as well as others that highlighted McCarty's sexual preference was deviant in nature.