New Williamson County admin building starts to take shape

A little more than three months after the groundbreaking, the vision for the new Williamson County administration building is starting to come to life.

"Everything has been going as anticipated," said Bill Bambrick, the senior project manager and vice president of Chasco.

Crews were out Wednesday focused on perhaps one of the most important parts of the new building.

"You can really see the building taking shape if you look at the ground," said Connie Odom, the Communications and Media Relations Director for Williamson County.

Under the blazing Texas sun, workers are preparing the ground for the foundation of the 120,000-square-foot building.

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"Anything you're going to build, you're going to have to start with a good solid foundation and so that's the point and the process that we're at right now," said Bambrick.

Before the foundation is poured, crews are finishing up installing utilities, drilling piers, and excavating.

"They're getting ready now to do more of the structural concrete foundation work," said Odom. "We're hoping in about two months they'll be able to start on the structure, and we'll be able to see the building come up from the ground."

Once the $90 million project is done, the county will move many of its offices inside the historic courthouse to the new location.


That includes the tax assessor's office, commissioners court, county clerk’s record division, and communications team.

"My office is going to be one of the offices in the new county building," said Odom.

So far, Odom said the construction is going smoothly, and the building is on track to open its doors in December 2025.

The county hopes it will be the start of building a future strong enough to accommodate its rapidly growing population.

"This is the foundation that will be secure and rock solid for everything else that would be constructed on top of," said Bambrick.

The historic courthouse will stay in downtown Georgetown, but there are no plans yet for what will go inside.