Officer's wife speaks about husband's safety

"I do have to think twice about who I am talking to, and what I tell them because it could potentially put him in danger."

It's a reality that many law enforcement families are facing today. Because of that, this officer's wife that spoke to FOX 7 has asked to remain anonymous.

"Even if I wanted him to stay home he wouldn't," she says. "He has a drive to protect this community, so there's nothing I can do about it, I can just pray and be safe."

Within the last week, three officers have been murdered. A Harris County Sheriff's Deputy, a police officer from North of Chicago, and an off-duty Abilene police officer. He was ambushed in his home. 

The recent spate of killings has this woman fearing for her entire family's safety. "We're just locking the house more often, we're paying attention more when we come home from work, looking around making sure my daughter isn't outside by herself."

The Travis County Sheriff's office is encouraging their Deputies to be vigilant about their safety too. "We all came into this profession knowing, our eyes wide open as to what could happen," says the Travis County Sheriff's Office spokesperson, Roger Wade, adding, "but we are doing everything we can to make sure that we come home to our families at the end of the day."

He says that includes reminding their deputies that danger could be lurking around any corner. "We live in one of the best communities in the world in Austin. Texas and to be able to work for this community is fantastic so we get complacent," he says. "So we have to remind our folks not to be complacent, talk to your family about safety." 

The officer's wife says she appreciates the solidarity and support. "That's one of the great things about being part of the police community, we are a family and everyone looks out for each other and it's nice to know they want us all to be safe."

Being safe for her though means thinking twice about where her husband parks his marked vehicle. "It never worried me until now, I used to look at that as a safety issue that people saw his car and they felt safer that it was there, and now it's scary because it kind of puts a target on our house." 

She says law enforcement has become a target on social media too, showing FOX 7 a recent post on "Austin's Police Lives Matter" Facebook page. It had slurs aimed at police. It has since been deleted. "Mutual respect is the way to get through all of this, and enact some change," she says of the recent turmoil adding, "and not just yell at each other from across the street. Everyone getting upset isn't going to solve any problems."

Roger Wade echoes that sentiment, "We really do believe that all lives matter and we're out there to help people and we're hoping that everybody realizes that and helps us too."

The officer's wife says both sides must meet in the middle if any progress is to be made. "As much as I want them to remember police officers have families, I also want police to remember that these people that they are taking to jail have families too, and I think if everyone is mindful of that, then we can possibly see a little more peace in our streets."