Omni shooter Holt left behind no red flags

When police arrived at Michael Holt's small home on East 9th St. his neighbors say they had no idea why the officers were there. The idea of Holt being responsible for a downtown shooting rampage, according to Claire Martin, doesn’t fit the kind of young man who purchased her Aunt’s home.

“No, he was quiet, you very seldom see him, you might see him go out on a bike, every now and then he speaks to my brother, but I don’t see him,” said Martin.

Michael Holt worked in the Capital Factory, which is located in the Omni Hotel building. Officials with the business incubator told FOX 7 that Holt started renting space on May 1st. He was trying to develop a company called Hero Q; a program designed to help charity groups. On Reddit Holt expressed his excitement about his new venture and stated nothing to indicate he was upset with something or someone. On Holt's other social media sights, reviewed by FOX 7, there were no apparent red flags, although he did voice his displeasure about U.S. foreign policy. His blog also could be somewhat technical and rambling. His last posts were done during the spring, about the time he left his job with retailmenot;  a digital coupon service. In a statement from that company, Holt was described as a “good person, a talented worker and a caring individual.”

Michael Holt was not just an innovator, he was also a politician. He ran as a libertarian and lost local races for justice of the peace and county clerk. This year Holt went big, he filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission as a candidate for President of the United States.

Despite his political aspirations Stephanie Guerrero says she doesn’t remember any of his campaigns.

"He was nice, he use to do filming and stuff, but he kept to himself a lot.

But the Guerrero's say there were a few late night parties. Saturday night - they did make a noise complaint. First about fireworks near their house --and later that night- they heard gun fire. It is unclear if APD made contact with Holt at his home before the fatal confrontation Sunday morning at the Omni.