Only 4% of Travis County voters have cast a ballot so far

With only a week left of early voting before election day, only 4% of registered voters in Travis County have casted a ballot so far.

According to the Travis County Clerk’s Office, around 36,000 people have taken part in early voting this year. Currently, there are 850,000 people registered to vote in the county.

"Voting is actually going much slower than I anticipated. We're gradually increasing though because we started out at about the first day or two with 5,000 a day. It's gone up to 6,000 a day, almost 7,000," said Travis County Clerk Dana Debeauvoir.

Debeauvoir says she expects voter turnout to be low during an election like this year’s, but the turnout has been exceptionally low.

"What we want people to realize is that yes, we know the presidential election is always about the biggest turnout, but often it's the local items, the school board, and the city council that affect your pocketbook the most. We say pay attention to all the elections even though the turnout might be low in a municipal election, it may be the most important to your life," said Debeauvoir.

Debeauvoir is hoping to hit at least a 18-19% turnout by the end of this election.

There are 26 early voting locations and on election day there will be 146. Click here to find a polling location closest to you.

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