Open Carry debate delayed by San Antonio Democrat

Debate over a bill that would allow licensed gun owners to openly carry their weapons is on hold. Democratic State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer raised a point of order Tuesday that temporarily derailed the discussion.

As lawmakers prepared to debate HB 910 Martinez Fischer stepped up the podium.

"I have a philosophical objection to guns and my aim was to confront that piece of legislation and noticed there was a defect in the committee report as it relates to witnesses," said Martinez Fischer. The problem stems from how some witnesses' positions on the bill were recorded during the committee hearing on the bill.

For several minutes lawmakers gathered around to talk about the point of order raised and eventually it was sustained by Speaker Joe Straus.

"My understanding is they are fixing this glitch but because this bill was up it had a sustainable point of order and we just need to have good records," said State Representative Larry Phillips, R- Sherman. Phillips authored HB 910 which would pave the way for open carry in Texas.

"When they don't have the votes they look for every other way to kill it," added Phillips. He has more than 80 co-authors and expects the bill to pass the House with more than enough votes.

"The citizens will be able to exercise their second amendment rights and have security and protection of others. It's a fundamental and constitutional right," explained Phillips.

Last month the Senate passed its version of licensed open carry and Governor Greg Abbott said then he would sign the legislation into law when if it made it to his desk.

As for the House, expect a lively and lengthy debate when the open carry bill hits the floor again on Friday.

"I think this will come back that's a certainty but what the mood is on the floor I don't know. This is not a bill I support," said Martinez Fischer.

"If this was the last night I would be upset right now and we didn't have the time to fix it," said Phillips.

The technical software glitch may have impacted 125 other bills but Phillips says the issue is being corrected.