Opposing rallies happen at the same time; Police and demonstrators clash

A "Black Lives Matter" rally and a "Police Lives Matter" took place at the same time Saturday morning in downtown Austin.        

After the murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth, "Police Lives Matter" started becoming a movement in response to the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

With a "United We Goforth" banner in tow, hundreds of supporters of the boys in blue met at Austin Police Headquarters and marched to the State Capitol.        

Black Lives Matter demonstrators were already there at the Capitol holding a rally.
There were some tense moments as the two groups clashed.
We asked both sides about the phrase "All Lives Matter."

"To act as if somehow 'All Lives Matter' is a thing that needs to be said -- because really the statement that they're saying is 'All Lives Matter too' and it's always used as a way of shutting down the political voices of marginalized people that are struggling for liberation such as the black community," said Jamie Saunders a Black Lives Matter supporter.

"Everybody should just really not focus too much on the negative and really focus towards the positive, we're really trying to get the community back together as one instead of seperating black and police lives," said John Paul Hernandez, a Police Lives Matter supporter.

The “Black Lives Matter' demonstrations ended in a rough situation on congress.  Several people were arrested.

Confusion, anger, and pain, emotions these demonstrators and officers try to subdue.

Like a ticking time bomb, it doesn't take long, for the emotions to manifest.

“It seemed like they wanted a fight. They wanted a riot. They wanted a physical fight to happen,

Blacks lives matter, Police lives matter, both sides blame the other for inequities in the system.

“Supporting one another that's why we're out here, supporting all lives,” said James Ortiz, “Police Lives Matter” demonstrator.

“Of course all lives matter. That should go without saying really. The issue at hand is it's not being treated like all lives matter in our country right now,” said Larisa Manescu, “Black Lives Matter” demonstrator.

What was meant to be peaceful demonstration turned into a violent encounter. The Black Lives Matter demonstrators marched along Interstate-35, shutting it down and causing a stir.

It is disrupting traffic that's fair, but people are dying.

The stir landed on 11th street and Congress Avenue, with police in riot gear and demonstrators shouting what they believe in

Austin police say the demonstrators brought on the violence, throwing a water bottle and behaving unlawfully.They arrested six people, nobody was hurt.

“It's actually kind of scary because children were around and moms are picking up their kids and running backwards,” said Manescu.

Whether it's black lives or police lives, both groups can agree that no one life is or should be valued over the other.