Patriot PAWS helping wounded veterans

People in Austin are raising money to help wounded veterans find a new best friend.

Patriot PAWS is an organization that sets up trained service dogs with veterans that have mobile disabilities or struggle with PTSD.

The owner of Austin Wine and Cider contacted Patriot PAWS hoping they could help support the organization.
It takes two to three years to train each dog and costs around $33,000. There is currently a two year waiting list.

When a dog is placed with a vet it is done free of charge. The benefit at Austin Wine and Cider will help raise money for the nonprofit.

There will be contests, an auction, live music, food trucks and some local vendors with plenty of puppy swag.

Most importantly several veterans will be at the event with their dogs to show people the difference a furry friend has made in their life.

According to Sharon Terrovona, Puppy Raiser Coordinator at A&M, “…it's to make them a team so like when we place a dog with a veteran it is to help them get out of the house a lot of the veterans won't go outside their house it helps give them the confidence to have that partner you know that companion to be beside them to give them the courage to go into the Walmart or to go into home depot because they're afraid to go by theirself.”

The benefit goes until 11 pm this Saturday.

This nonprofit is something that is close to the heart of Austin Wine and Cider, their owner is a veteran.

For more information on Patriot PAWS click here.