City of Pflugerville adopts new budget, property tax rate for FY 2024

The Pflugerville City Council has adopted next fiscal year's budget and property tax rate following council workshops, resident survey results, and the 2021-25 city strategic plan.

Council has set FY 2024's budget at $379,889,676, up from $285,777,028 last year, and property tax rate at $.5362. 

The adopted tax rate reflects an annual tax bill of $536.20 per $100,000 taxable value. The average Pflugerville homeowner will pay about $1836.50 annually under the FY24 rate based on certified property valuations from the Travis and Williamson Central Appraisal Districts.

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The budget includes a $.0549 property tax increase to provide the projects and investments approved by voters in the 2020 Bond and to respond to projects prioritized in the 2023 resident survey, says the city.

The budget breakdown is:

  • General: $59,615,113
  • Water/Wastewater Utility: $44,349,038
  • Solid Waste: $7,323,173
  • Debt Service: $20,627,905
  • General Fund Capital Projects: $89,876,985
  • Utility Fund Capital Projects: $156,185,806
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax: $684,000
  • Municipal Court: $59,816
  • PD Special Revenue: $110,576
  • TIRZ #1: $1,021,719
  • PEG: $35,545

The city says its Community Block Grant Development program (CBDG) is not included in this year's budget because it is not tax-funded, but is still available.


FY 2024 begins on October 1 and concludes on Sept. 30, 2024.