Police charge two people with human trafficking of young girl

Police have charged two people with human trafficking of an underage girl. 

On Feb. 15. the Austin Police Department responded to a disturbance call on the 4600 block of Sara Drive. 

When police arrived at the residence they found 24-year-old Olin Cubit and 22-year-old Kaylan Hill along with a girl under the age of 18 police said.

According to the arrest warrant the victim told officers that she had been living at the residence with the Hill and Cubit since the beginning of Jan. 

During her stay the victim told police that Hill and Cubit would take her to motels and she would engage in sex for money. 

She told police that the clients would contact Cubit and Hill through various social media sites. 
The victim said that Cubit would keep fifty percent of the proceeds and that she would keep the other half.

The victim told police that in the prior month she engaged in commercial sex at least twenty times and that on one incidence Hill and Cubit photographed and filmed her having sex with adults and another female. 

She also told police that Cubit would hit her. 

According to court documents the victim gave police consent to examine her phone. Police said they found video of the victim engaging in sexual acts with another unidentified female. Police discovered text messages from Hill threatening to send the video to her grandmother police said. 

Cubit is being held on $100,000 bond and Hill is being held on a $30,000 bond.