Police investigating series of restaurant burglaries in Central Texas

The Oasis on Lake Travis is a popular spot for tourists and locals and apparently these three thieves know that.

“They came in and broke a door, and gained access and went directly to the bars and stole as much liquor as they could carry out,” said Virginia Ramsey, executive director, The Oasis Restaurant.

But that wasn't the end...

“About a month later we had another break in, this time it was just one man,” said Ramsey.

That suspect also stole liquor. The Oasis is not alone in this.

“This is probably the third time we've been broken into,” said Danielle Wood, owner of The Vegan Yacht.
Police say someone broke into the vegan yacht food truck on Cesar Chavez Monday.

“We came in on our day off to find our back window smashed in and they cut through the back lock on our door to get in and stole money,” said Wood.

Just when you thought it was over, La Barbecue down the street also filed a police report, with a similar story. They caught this person on surveillance cameras.
On Wednesday Taylor police say a man described as Hispanic, wearing a white long sleeved shirt, a grey cap and blue jeans entered Gonzalez tacos in Taylor and robbed the employees at gunpoint. He left with an undisclosed amount of cash. These acts have businesses amping up security.

“We were told by the experts that these escalate. If they get away with it, they'll be brazen enough to try again,” said Ramsey.

But the thieves are not going to frighten these entrepreneurs.
“We're not scared, we're going to keep going and do what we do,” said Wood.