Protesters vandalize Liccardo's home, mayor thanks neighbors who scrubbed away graffiti

A group apparently protesting for social justice targeted San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo Friday night.

The group vandalized his home, by scrawling graffiti on the steps to his house, and an exterior wall.


Spray painted phrases included "BLM," "Jacob Blake," and an expletive directed at the mayor.

Liccardo was seeing a family member, and was not home at the time of the vandalism.


He later received a call alerting him about the incident.

Liccardo said he was deeply touched by the support of about two dozen neighbors, who on their own, went to his home, and scrubbed away the graffiti.


"It's very heartening to see people take time out on a late Friday night, to help someone out." said Liccardo. "I'm very grateful for the good people in this community."

"What an incredible selfless act," said Liccardo.


The mayor has a Black Lives Matter sign on the window.

Liccardo said the taggers do not represent the movement.


This is not the first time his house has been vandalized.

Liccardo said mayors of other cities, such Oakland's Libby Schaaf, have similar experiences.


He said they've talked about how incidents like these are sometimes part of the job.

Liccardo was not fazed about the vandalism, saying "it is nothing" compared to the reality that many folks are suffering during these challenging times.