Quinceañera at the capitol to protest SB4

A Quinceañera against SB4 was held on the south steps of the capitol on Wednesday morning. 

15 young women dressed in 15 gowns listed 15 reasons why they are resisting SB4, commonly referred to as the Sanctuary Cities Bill. 

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Jolt Texas hosted the event and said they are fighting hate and racism by celebrating Latino culture. 

Quinceañeras are an important tradition that brings people together through celebration, the group says. 

"This is the spirit of the Quinceañera at the Capitol event: to celebrate the resistance to SB4 by highlighting our commitment to our communities and culture," Jolt Texas said in a written statement. "After all, SB4 isn't just about politics: it will sow fear and distrust into our communities and break apart our families. To resist this harmful and hateful law, we will draw on the incredible power within the very communities that SB4 will affect."