Round Mountain RV park residents begin recovery effort after EF-1 tornado

An EF-1 tornado made this Easter a group of Blanco County RV park residents one they will never forget.

"We got the alert on our IPhones,” said Gwinn Gillam, resident. Gillam said not long after that, she felt what she thought was an earthquake.

"In a matter of moments, it hit. The 100-year old tree, like six feet in front of my front door was uprooted. My RV started tilting. It was the scariest thing ever,” she said.

The National Weather Service said the tornado touched down in Round Mountain around 5:30 am Sunday morning, hitting two RV parks. One of them was Hofbrau Park.

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"I'm from West Texas I know how to do a tornado but not like this. This was absolutely the craziest thing I've ever seen. We had things that were obliterated right across the street…people's mobile homes, even diesel pusher RV’s turned over, flipped,” she said.

Harry Mueller has owned the park for 30 years. Never has he seen this happen. Officials say several people were trapped inside their homes and two people were injured and treated on scene.

“A lady had to be cut out of the trailer. The trailer tilted over a bit and they had to cut her out of it because they were not able to open the door,” said Mueller.

Muller said several of his storage trailers were also destroyed.


“Now we are in the process to get the RV park in decent shape. We have a lot of work, we have a lot of damage,” he said.

Luckily there were no fatalities. But now the community is beginning to clean up, but more importantly, heal. “Now it looks like we are going to have to start all over again,” said Mueller.

"I just want to say thanks to all those folks that did respond, very quickly,” said Gillam.